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interview: what is financial abuse?

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy today's podcast interview! We have a special guest, his name is Christian Simmons and he is a financial writer from

I asked him to come onto my podcast after reviewing some of his articles about financial abuse. I immediately became such a fan of his writing that I asked him if he would consider giving me the honor of interviewing him!

During our interview, I discovered financial abuse occurs in up to 98% of abusive relationships and is one of the top reasons that it is difficult for people to leave. Unfortunately, many people do not even recognize financial abuse as abuse. To address this prevalent issue and provide the necessary education on this topic, we talked about a guide he created. It covers:

- What financial abuse is

- The warning signs

- Ways to tell if someone is being financially abused

- Helpful resources and more

Please take a look:

I am definitely not one to define gender roles, but sadly I do see women victimized more than men, so a special guide on financial literacy for women was created. I believe it may be of immense help!

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