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avoid the 5 narcissistic tripwires

What are 5 seemingly harmless things that could accidentally trigger a narcissistic ex in the context of coparenting?

Co-parenting with a narcissistic ex can be challenging due to their characteristic traits such as the need for control, inflated sense of self-importance, and lack of empathy. While every individual is different, here are five seemingly harmless actions that could potentially trigger a narcissistic ex:

  1. Independence: Narcissists often thrive on control and dominance. If you start to assert your independence or make decisions without consulting them, they might see this as a threat to their perceived control and react negatively.

  2. Lack of Admiration: Narcissists crave admiration and validation. Seemingly innocuous comments or actions that do not affirm their importance or achievements could potentially trigger them.

  3. Setting Boundaries: While setting boundaries is important for your well-being, a narcissistic ex may view these boundaries as a personal affront or as a challenge to their control. They may react negatively to boundaries set around communication times, decision-making, or personal space.

  4. Successes and Achievements: Narcissists may become triggered if they perceive you or your child achieving success, especially if they feel it overshadows their own accomplishments. They might view others' successes as a threat to their self-image.

  5. New Relationships: If you begin a new relationship or even just spend time with friends, a narcissistic ex may feel threatened or jealous. They might interpret these relationships as a challenge to their importance or a threat to their control over the situation.

When co-parenting with a narcissistic ex, it's important to prioritize the well-being of your child and yourself. Consult with a mental health professional or a counselor who can provide you with strategies to navigate this challenging situation. Remember, while it's good to be aware of potential triggers, you should not have to constantly walk on eggshells. Your focus should be on creating a safe, stable, and loving environment for your child.

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