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Podcast Interview with Sanctuary Foster Care Services

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to our podcast. I'm your host, Christopher Meyer, a family law attorney in Houston, Texas. Today, we have a very special guest with us, Jenny Fridge from Sanctuary Foster Care Services, where she serves in Community Development. Sanctuary Foster Care Services is dedicated to providing exceptional support and resources for foster families, and Jenny is here to share her insights and experiences with us. We’re excited to learn more about the incredible work that Sanctuary Foster Care Services is doing and how we can all support foster families in our communities.


Here, Jenny shares her personal journey - and answers the question of how she first got involved with foster care and what led you to your current role at The Sanctuary. I encourage my listeners to visit the Sanctuary's website and read about how this wonderful organization provides "uncommon care" to foster families. But, what does this mean in practice? Jenny explains and also shares some examples of the support services offered. If you continue on the website, you will see that the website has some surprising statistics, like how many foster families quit within the first year. Jenny shares why she thinks the burnout rate is so high and describes some of the biggest challenges foster families face.

For listeners who don't have experience with foster care, Jenny paints a picture of what it's like to be a foster parent. She explains what motivates her and others to open their homes to foster children.

In closing, we discuss how can the local community best support foster families and kids, especially if they aren't in a position to be foster parents themselves. We wrap it up with some practical ways to get involved or help meet needs.

Be sure to check out that there's an upcoming movie called "Sound of Hope" about a couple that started a children's home called Possum Trot in Arkansas back in the 1960s.

Jenny believes that this film will resonate with foster families today.

Please visit some of the links below and do not forget to participate in the upcoming 5k! Link below.


Sanctuary Foster Care Services:

Sanctuary Fun Run 5k on Saturday, September 7, 2024:

2024 Sanctuary Gala: Saturday, Sept. 28, 2024:

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