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Evictions! Get Rent or Get the House Back!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022



We represent landlords only.

We prepare the eviction notice

We service the notice to vacate

We file the Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Lawsuit

We represent landlords in court

We take on appeal cases

We file the Writ of Possession

We file the Abstract of Judgment

So if you are looking for an “eviction attorney near me” we will make it easy for you and come to a location near you. Since you have a tenant that is refusing to pay rent and has not answered your demand for complying with the lease agreement, let’s get started with an eviction lawsuit. They have forced your hand and now you need to proceed with filing the eviction. We are a strong and personal attorney in the Houston metro area and will get started right away delivering the eviction notice or filing the Unlawful Detainer lawsuit with the courts, so you do not lose another day of illegal possession of your house or collecting back rent.

Call (281) 845-2472

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