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Intimidation: Suddenly Displaying Firearms During a Divorce. Texas Domestic Violence Lawyer explains

Bottom Line Up Front: A gun should not be used as a tool of intimidation within families.

This video is about a specific type of intimidation. It's when one spouse decides to suddenly display their firearms during the divorce or custody matter.

Many Texans own firearms. It's just a fact of life in Texas as well as a constitutionally protected right.

However, many Texans don't always use their firearms. For many, the gun is locked up in a box somewhere. Yet, if a spouse is suddenly displaying their firearms during the divorce or custody process, this action could be interpreted as a form of intimidation.

Intimidation is a type of domestic abuse found on the Power and Control Wheel. I encourage you to visit my other article about the Power and Control Wheel. You will be able to view and download a complimentary copy of the Power and Control Wheel here.

Intimidation is not something anyone should be subjected to!

Thank you for watching my video about intimidation.

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My name is Christopher Meyer, and I am a domestic violence and high conflict divorce lawyer for the Houston area. I take great pride in giving victims their power back and fighting the good fight for those who can't fight! Thank you very much!

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