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9 Forms of Emotional Abuse and Intimidation from a Domestic Violence Attorney

This video is about the nine forms of emotional abuse and intimidation!

Hey, good morning, this is Christopher Meyer. I am a domestic violence and high conflict divorce lawyer for the Houston area.

I want to talk about the nine forms of emotional abuse and intimidation.

So first, what are emotional abuse and intimidation? Listen carefully!

Emotional abuse is any behavior that exploits another’s vulnerability, insecurity, or character. Such behaviors include continuous degradation, intimidation, manipulation, brainwashing, or control of another to the detriment of that individual. I would like for you to please note, that the word “intimidation” fell within the definition of emotional abuse, that I just mentioned.

Ok, so the next question is “what do you look for?”

Emotional abuse and intimidation may include, but are not limited to, the following behaviors:

1. The first behavior is: Insults or criticism to undermine the victim’s self-confidence. This includes public humiliation, as well as actual or threatened rejection.

2. The second behavior is: Threats or accusations, either directly or indirectly, with the intention to cause emotional or physical harm or loss of life. For instance, threatening to kill the victim or themself, or both.

3. The third behavior is: Using reality distorting statements or behaviors that create confusion and insecurity in the victim, like saying one thing and doing another, stating untrue facts as truth, and neglecting to follow through on stated intentions. This can include denying the abuse occurred and/or telling the victim they’re making up the abuse. It might also include crazy making behaviors like hiding the victim’s keys and berating them for losing them.

4. The fourth behavior: Consistently disregarding, ignoring, or neglecting the victim’s requests and needs.

5. The fifth behavior is: Using actions, statements or gestures that attack the victim’s self-esteem and self-worth with the intention to humiliate.

6. The sixth behavior is: Telling the victim, they’re mentally unstable or incompetent.

7. The seventh behavior is: Forcing the victim to take drugs or alcohol.

8. The eighth behavior is: Not allowing the victim to practice their religious beliefs, isolating them from the religious community, or using religion as an excuse for abuse.

9. The ninth behavior is: Using any form of coercion or manipulation which is disempowering to the victim.

Thank you for watching my video about the nine forms of emotional abuse and intimidation. Remember, this was not an exhaustive list!

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My name is Christopher Meyer, and I am a domestic violence and high conflict divorce lawyer for the Houston area. I take great pride in giving victims their power back and fighting the good fight for those who can't fight!

Thank you very much!

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