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Accusations of domestic violence, like domestic battery, well-founded or not, can tear apart an already tense family situation. If you are at the center of these allegations, quality representation can make matters right. This why your lawyer should be experienced, aggressive and accessible to your every legal need.

Attorney Meyer and Jagnanan handled domestic violence cases with distinction in their years as attorneys, especially in relation to one high-profile stalking and domestic violence case in particular.

That experience now translates to creative strategies on your behalf that frustrate opposing counsel and get the results we are well-known for.

You can expect not just legal accuracy and passionate advocacy from Meyer Law Firm, but also constant availability. By "constant," we are referring to our 24/7 availability via phone, text or e-mail, from your free initial consultation to your final case resolution.

Contact the Meyer Law Firm offices today at (281) 845-2472 or through our online contact form.

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