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How to Get Over an Ex

What are the best techniques to get over an ex?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I felt this would be a great topic to discuss considering what I see as a family law attorney. The very first & most important technique is to maintain no contact. Not only does this mean no texts, calls, emails, or messages, But also all other forms of contact. If you have pictures of your ex, delete or destroy them. If you cannot do that then sequester them someplace you cannot easily access. Block them on social media too. Put away or store any objects that remind you of your ex.

We sometimes as human beings tend to dwell on things, analyze past actions & brood. I know I am certainly guilty of this. But the idea of the above is to remove as much as you can from your life and objects that will trigger memories of your ex & avoid the circular thinking & constant heartbreak you might feel because of it.

Also reaching out to your ex is counterproductive (don't do it), especially if you are the recipient of the break up. This rarely goes the way you want it to & instead leads to more pain. This is stuff I learned first- hand when the relationship I had with the woman I loved very deeply ended when she broke up with me. It was a catastrophe for me made worse by not following the above rules.

Finally, you should grieve but also get out and be social, engage more with friends or family, take up a new hobby (I decided to start get involved in the local community), & find other ways to be busy that are personally fulfilling.

Lastly, recognize that love is a drug, and you are going through withdrawal. Its going to hurt for a while, but you can finally make it in the end.

Today’s podcast is not legal advice and certainly not mental health advice. Just common sense perspective on things that many people experience.

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