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Even if your divorce was finalized years ago, or your custody case resulted in some type of Parenting Plan that has been working well, you or your former partner may want to return to court in order to seek a modification of child custody, child support, or spousal maintenance. Typically, in order to be granted a modification, you need to show a substantial change in circumstances since the initial orders were made. For example, in a custody case, you may need to revisit the parenting time arrangement if both parents used to live in Fort Bend or contiguous counties, but one parent now needs to move to Travis County due to a job change.

You do not have to go to court to modify your agreement, if you and your former partner can work out the details yourselves. Chris Meyer Law Firm attorneys can draft an agreement that you have reached outside of court and submit it to the District Court so that it becomes a legally enforceable order without your having to appear in person. But if you cannot reach an agreement, your attorney can help you make your case to a judge, just the same as you would have prior to your divorce or custody case being decided at the outset.

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