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Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence: The Dangerous Duo Nobody Wants in their Family

A parent's alcohol and drug abuse can have numerous negative impacts on the family environment, as well as contribute to domestic. violence in the following ways:

1. Instability: Parents struggling with substance abuse may struggle to maintain a consistent family environment, including regular schedules and routines and positive parenting.

2. Neglect: Substance abuse can lead to neglecting child care and domestic responsibilities. The substance abuser's focus shifts from their family and they may put their substance abuse ahead of their children's needs.

3. Financial Strain: A parent's substance abuse can cause significant financial strain on the family due to the cost of drugs or alcohol, lost income, and legal fees.

4. Emotional Abuse: Substance abuse often coincides with emotional abuse, such as neglecting the parent's partner or children's emotional needs or verbally abusing the family members including spousal abuse.

5. Domestic Violence: Substance abuse can increase the risk of domestic violence in a household. Under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the abusive partner may become more violent, more prone to angry outbursts and more difficult to reason with rationally.

It is important for individuals who are struggling with substance abuse to seek help and support from professionals, family members and friends. For victims of domestic abuse, there are several hotlines and support groups available to provide assistance and help. It is important to remember that domestic violence and substance abuse are serious issues and must be addressed quickly and with professional help.

"Our collective fight against domestic violence continues,

and every step we take brings us closer to a world where abuse is not tolerated."

-Chris Meyer

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