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What is CSRP?

What is CSRP?

CSRP stands for Child support Review Process, a service provided by the Attorney General's Office to resolve legal issues on your child support case without going to court. With CSRP, both parents meet with a child support officer during a teleconference to establish a legally binding order.

When is CSRP appropriate?

CSRP is for parents who are willing to negotiate orders to establish paternity, set current child, medical, and dental support, establish visitation rights, pay retroactive child support, obtain judgements for past due child support, modify child support amounts, or enforce the payment of child support.

Is a CSRP order enforceable?

Yes. Once an agreement is reached, the order resulting from the CSRP is filed with the court and

reviewed by a judge. After the judge has signed it, a CSRP is legally binding and will be enforced just as any order obtained through a court proceeding.

Call the Access & Visitation Hotline

Before you attend the CSRP, you may call the hotline to ask questions about child support, paternity, custody, and visitation laws, including alternate possession orders and supervised visitation. Call toll free 1-866-292-4636, Monday-Friday from 1 - 5 p.m. Services are available in English or Spanish. Also, you may visit for additional resources and legal information.


Cases that go to court often require more than one setting and long waits at the courthouse. With CSRP, parents schedule an appointment with the child support review officer, and every effort is made to resolve the legal issues at that time.


Because CSRP is less formal than a courtroom setting, parents feel more free to discuss issues related to the outcome of their individual case. The CSRP meeting can be conducted by conference call.


Court proceedings are public hearings where sensitive issues may be presented before all present in the courtroom.

Contact Information.

Please call 1-800-252-8014 if you:

  • need to reschedule the CSRP conference

  • have new information relevant to your case

  • have an attorney who will appear at the conference


Call your local child support office if you do not feel safe meeting in person with the other parent because of a history of family violence or abuse.

SOURCE: Texas Attorney General Child Support Office

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